Einstein probe’s X-ray telescope releases first images taken with ‘lobster view’

A view of the Milky Way from Einstein

It was called a joint mission of Chinese and European X-ray telescopes Einstein probe is successfully viewing the universe in widescreen, with a telescope design that mimics the eyes of lobsters. Einstein probe, which released on January 9 aboard a Chinese Long Range rocket, currently undergoing testing and calibration of its instruments as it orbits … Read more

New York releases new climate projections: Here’s what to expect

New York releases new climate projections: Here's what to expect

what to know New York City is headed for more intense rain, flooding and heat waves, according to a new climate report. By the end of the century, New York could see up to 30% more annual rainfall. On average, there are about 370 heat-related deaths in New York per year. New York City is … Read more