New computer simulations support the theory of dark matter | Sci. News

Dark photons are hypothetical dark sector particles proposed as a force carrier similar to the photon of electromagnetism but potentially connected to dark matter. Image credit: University of Adelaide.

New research led by the University of California, Irvine addresses a fundamental debate in astrophysics: Must invisible dark matter exist to explain how the Universe works the way it does, or can physicists explain how things work based solely on in the matter that we can directly? observe? Dark photons are hypothetical dark sector particles … Read more

Converting invisible dark matter into visible light


Galaxy cluster, left, with a visible dark matter ring, right. Credits: NASA, ESA, MJ Jee and H. Ford (Johns Hopkins University) Dark matter explorations are advancing with new experimental techniques designed to detect axions, leveraging advanced technology and interdisciplinary collaboration to uncover the secrets of this elusive component of the cosmos. A ghost haunts our … Read more