What are Polk’s most gator-infested lakes? You might be surprised

An alligator sunbathing in Lake Kissimmee east of Lake Wales in 2012.

Polk County residents are no strangers to alligators. Apparently they inhabit all holes filled with water. More than 1 million alligators call the state of Florida home, but where do they live? Each year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission takes a census of 50 alligator-infested sites in Florida to assess how many alligators … Read more

Converting invisible dark matter into visible light


Galaxy cluster, left, with a visible dark matter ring, right. Credits: NASA, ESA, MJ Jee and H. Ford (Johns Hopkins University) Dark matter explorations are advancing with new experimental techniques designed to detect axions, leveraging advanced technology and interdisciplinary collaboration to uncover the secrets of this elusive component of the cosmos. A ghost haunts our … Read more